Who Again is Spitting Fire?

Were we not there

When the mountain nearly

Slipped from its axial

Did we not hear?

The trees speak past

A lion’s roar

Did we not disregard?

The tremors

For they held no semblance

Of an earthquake

And did we not make sense then

To act not

For we were still potatoes

Buried underneath


Have we not rolled away?

All the dung with our beetle limbs

To liberty hill

Did we not scream?

At the top of our lungs

Free at last!


Why then are we hushing?

Our baby not to cry

Why are we choking its life?

What Harold has awoken

Who again is spitting fire?

Chris Msosa is a malawi-born Poet. He has recited his poems at several Art and literature events including Lake of Stars and the Story Club. Visit his blog, Chris Poetics for more poetry.