What Love Would Be like in Ten Years

Among the many things I still remember about us is what you once told me

That you wondered what love would be like in ten years

And I still remember where I found you, among the backyard junk

Your face a folded expression and your hair like the dirty things around you


You wouldn’t speak except to say you thought of the easiest way to self-denial

And your face remained half buried between your knees

Until I told you I was like you in several ways and you looked at me, disbelieving

Till I stooped and brought my lips to yours, pressing gently


I remember the night we passed them under the lamppost

Two figures kissing, and the world cared nothing about what they did

How you spat and said it was a shameful thing, but I understood better

I could feel it, the hurt in seeing what you were denied unrestrained in others


Like you, I felt the world should also hurl stones at them


Now I think about what love will be like in ten years

And I know there may still be this constraint on our love

That cares nothing about the similarities between our bodies

But then, the world will be achieving little


This seeming silence between us, I know, is the coefficient of our voices

And in ten years, love will rise with it to tire every opposition


Ebenezer Agu lives in Nigeria. He is in his early twenties and has a degree in English and Literary Studies, from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves listening to music and reading novels and poetry; Rilke is among his favorite poets. He is presently working on compiling an anthology of contemporary African poetry.