To My Three Star

(Dedicated to my 3 sisters whom I lost within 6year, two died of cancer)

by Nyazabe Dantala Ali

Like the stars afar, tiny yet mighty,
You fell upon the earth brightly,
Live a fortune in Ali’s family
As love bound our bones,
You were never alone.

When the journey began,
Like a noble toodle,
Sauntering on the tail of time,
Waged by travails of life
Apt on the pace, you prevailed.
The lionness of our family,
You stood tall like mahogany
Perhaps time could toil,
But never will be my joy.

Oh Esther!
I couldn’t lose sight of the agony,
The scarlet and swollen nipples,
Spare me those memories,
Perhaps those honourable scenes
When with the balm on my palms,
I massage your swollen foots;
Now like the smoke Puff’s,
You disappeared
between the hyphen of despair.

Though we throw salutes,
To your souls sanguine,
Gone in June
What has the omen with you?
Time could have tarry to tell
Our voices aren’t mute.

Without seizing Esther,
It could have settled at Julianna,
And now Sister Gloria.

Oh! Triple stars,
Tell cancer
Your memories aren’t cancelled,
Tell that merchant of agony
Chasing our glorious stories,
Changing them to memories,
Stealing souls from families,
That it will soon be a story.

Battling against fate
In such malignant state;
If cancer be a ghoul,
Chase his dismal face,
Down your resting place,
Fighting your best
We shall tarry here for the rest
Till we destroy the omen
To save more men.

Nyazabe Dantala Ali hails from Kaduna state Nigeria, from the Gbagyi ethnic group of Abuja, Niger, Nassarawa, and Kaduna state. He is a
graduate of Mass Communication from Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria, Kaduna state. A multi dimensional artist with the DNA of Art….his email is Ali uses his poem to campaign against cancer, so join his campaign by sharing.