Of Powers

By Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

In our age,
powers dress in pleasure.
In throngs of agbada and jalabia,
they fly about in ruins of leisure.

When a whistle blows here,
they tell you, it is not here.
When a powder sprays there,
they tell you, it is a fanfare.

How could they have seen the pillaged field?
Or hear of the weeping wind?
Can a dazed eyes gaze too well?
No. Their ears are too drunk to hear.
Ambition and notes have swelled them all.

But under their noses;
Lye of pain and fear have the reign.
Folks are in a noisy and imbecile rage.
The cram down their throats pines for an ease,
And they are set to force powers to the kneels.


go here Notes:
Agbada is a traditional long robe with sides open (from the shoulders to the below the kneel) that is worn by men in many societies across West Africa

Jalabia is also a long garment with loose sleeves worn by men in the Islamic world.

Dominic Ayegba Okoliko– A creative writer, a humanitarian worker and an entrepreneur with an appetite for stories, impacts and passions. Shares his arts on Words Rhythm and Rhyme,  Afreecan ReadMediumPulse.ngPoemhuntersmyNews24.com, and workspayce.