By Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah

You always ask, why is life
An olden photograph
that evolves with time and gives away
her innocence to sultry, to little things of colour
when life itself is a cosmic writer of poetry
denied of ethereal exploits in space.

Blue flames are hard to light in the heart
so is an unattractive thigh difficult to please
the eyes that sleep with the morning sun.
And life itself is a dwindling tear of a dead child
staged by coups de’ tat and mobbed by silences.
The soul faces time with a piece of hook
like a fisher-boy seducing a mighty ocean.

You know how to survive a rapturous sin
like apparitions do to living bodies who
Prevent them from returning to their beloved.
But if bread is life for survivors in turned memoirs
then is smoke for believers
Who swim the present to childhood
to learn lessons forming
Skeletons of their new age

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah performs poetry with The Village Thinkers, Ghana and serves as the poetry editor for Lunaris Review, Nigeria. Tsiwah, an international award winning poet and author of Afro-conscious heritage writes from his fatherland – Cape Coast, Ghana.


I speak of an enemy friend

Friendly to the wise

Yet impatient to the ignorant

He who separate a mother from the child

He who brings those separated together

Time! An unpredictable element of life

I speak of the one who changes fate

He who challenges the mind of the young wise men

He who controls the circle of life

I speak of a famous stranger

Known by many yet misunderstood

His work speak volumes with no voice

His actions speaks for themselves

The grave yard can be my witness

Time…an element of life

Jokes aside truth be told

Step out of ignorance

And smell the roses

Be careful of the thorns

They protect the precious rose

Time is of utmost importance

Take a walk down memory lane

Pay the dead a visit and wake them up

Hear their story

Maybe we can understand the importance of time

Maybe we will know the purpose of time

Let’s pay the dead a visit and listen

To their grieving voices

Some are crying for waisted opportunities

If all spent their time wisely

We wouldn’t have ghost

You see a ghost is an unhappy soul

Seeking for peace and quiet

A soul that never fulfilled its purpose

Yet we say may their soul rest in peace

Time ….an element of life

As the hands of time move

As seconds turn to minutes

Minutes into hours

Hours into a days

Days into months

And months into years

As seasons change and nature changes

There’s a common thing here

Time is of utmost importance

Time waits for no man

Many have died before time

So we say because of the pain we feel after loosing a loved one

Truth is they were given their time

Question is who knows when will they die

Truth is……..

We know our date of birth but….

No one knows their day of departure

You see life is like a blackjack game

We all call the cards to beat the dealer

That’s time

But none of us know what card is up next

Only time will tell

Time is of utmost importance

Every moment is meant to be precious

Every second is meant to be treasured

After all an hour is made up of sixty seconds

Once waisted never regained

Due to negligence and ignorance

We neglect what matters most

Focus on that which is worthless

Disregard that which we need the most despise those we need

Later regretting the decision made

forgetting that time waits for no man

Its not an instrument we use as we please

But an element that life revolves around

Time is of utmost importance

Live like there’s no tomorrow

Forget the mistakes you made

Its a lesson learned and experience gained

But respect today for it honored its appointment

Take nothing away from the fact that

You were granted today to fix the mistakes made yesterday

Focus not on yesterday for its gone

Master today to overwrite yesterday

Perfect what you couldn’t yesterday

Live not for yesterday but strive

Strive to be better as time passes by

Use time wisely for it was given to you for a reason

Time is of utmost importance

Time! An important element of life

The core partner of existence

A dictator of our destiny

Its never late nor early

Always on time

It never sleep nor does it quits

Time the only one who fulfills his promises

Time …..the element of life

Mziwanele Anele Mayekiso was born in Eastern Cape, Queenstown . a young and upcoming poet. Currently works at Golden Horse. A dealer by profession and a poet by choice.