By Iliya Kambai Dennis

I spent all night in thin darkness,
Wearing a face of distress,
Ashes hovered my hair into a pale of misery.
There, I linger in Shadows of uncertainty
Feeling an unusual sensation.

Then the air turned thin and slim,
I felt gloom looming the vicinity,
It was dark than darkest night,
The thin air breathe a large livid sense,
And my cerebral organ wandered like vagabond.

Shouldn’t the noble birth the lowly
And the lowly birth the noble?
Must all lowly & noble be consanguineous?

Consolidation should rather prelude posterity.
Like a salesman chopping his foot
To prove his stillborn struggle is not a myth,
But was dashed by vehement gluttons.
Greed is the creed of these gluttons.
This greed will one day shape the world
Into the shapeless nature of the mind.

Iliya Kambai Dennis hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is a physics student at the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto,Nigeria. He loves writing, especially poetry. Several of his poems can be found on African Read.