Road to Emmaus

On this winding road
A shadow is close by me

On this lonesome road
A shadow trails after me

Extending from my heels
East to the Sun’s cradle

And now the sun is setting
Slowly into lurid clouds

Spread behind the ridge
That sends out darkness

A shadow is close by me
On this wandering road

Yet Darkness attracts me
As flames attract a moth

Oh my lord, draw nigh
On this road to Emmaus

The author, Bruce Zondiwe Mbano is a lecturer in the Department of Language and Communication Skills at Chancellor College. He has authored short-stories, plays and poems, some of which have been published in The Fate of Vultures (BBC prize-winning poetry), Heinneman and The Haunting Winds (published by Dzuka). His poem The Viphya won second prize in the 2000 Peer Gynt Literally Award.