The Awakening

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Joe took another look at the crumpled paper in his hand, reviewing the instructions he got from the satanic website. He had rehearsed all the instructions as any mistake could be the end of his life or worse.

What could be worse than death? He thought to himself.

“Four red candles.” He read, as he glanced over to the candles placed carefully on the floor. Then marked them off the list.  So it was detailed on the website.

“A standing mirror, salt and chalk.” Heaving out a sigh of relief that everything was complete. As long as he had the salt and red candles, he’d be safe.

“Find a place of religious significance. Any place with faith symbolism would be ideal for the ritual.” He was going to use his room, where his scream could he heard if things go south. But that would be against the rules. So he chose St. John’s cathedral instead. A cathedral where he was dedicated, the cathedral ha now become a relic as its walls were riddled with dirt and age. He found the isolation convenient for his nocturnal task.

Arranging the four candles in a perfect square just as instructed, with the crisp white chalk line which connected them and placed the mirror inside the summoning area. His hands were shaking, making it hard for him to hold onto the paper containing the instructions very well. A nervous swell of energy erupted in his chest. He had memorized the rituals, studied and done his research. Now was no time for second thoughts.

“If you successfully complete the ritual, He will grant you one request, any of your heart desires. Choose wisely!”

Joe smiled to himself, he sprayed salt around the summoning area as a barrier. Creating a non-disjointed circle. The reward of this ritual surmounted all doubts. He crumbled the paper into his pocket, reviewing the instructions would only deepens his anxiety. He sat waiting, as he took another look at his watch.

11:50pm; Few minutes more so he could begin.

“The ritual must be done at precisely midnight. Too early or too late wouldn’t count.”

The wind rumbled outside, disturbing and quaking the doors of the chapel while unsettling the window curtains. He repeated the rules in his head to reassure himself. Another look at his watch, it was 11:58pm.

Joe knelt down beside the candles and lit them, they flickered and snapped in the breeze but remained strong. With deep breath, he grabbed the knife and drew it slowly across his palm just like in the movies. Only it seemed to hurt more than the actors let on.

“Let a few drops fall inside the summoning area, then summon him.”

“I summon you here with this dedication. Show yourself!” With those last words, he let more blood drop. Unlike in the practice session, the blood flowed and formed a tiny pool that defied the laws of gravity as it bubbled before his eyes. He shook off the fear building in him, the ritual must continue.

“Show yourself!!” Barely were the words out of his mouth, a dark shadowy face appeared on the mirror; grinning widely. The face was hard to discern but it was dark and scary. Riddled with scars and fresh flesh wounds that still seeped blood. Joe felt a cold pit of fear settle solidly in his stomach.

“Who summoned me?” Came the deep, gravely sinister voice.  It didn’t come from the beast’s lips, but from the air around Joe. The whole building vibrated, or just his legs did.

“First, Never speak your name. Else he will use it to control you. He will own your soul for ever.” The warnings replayed in his head. Joe’s mouth dried at the thought of how easy it was to have made such a mistake. It scared him.

“You have been summoned, and I will instruct you. Speak your name.”

“Who are you to think you can order me, mortal?” The words came out bone aching, vibrating through Joe’s body.

“Do not answer his questions, They are all a trick to capture you in his games and unending web.”

“Speak your name!” Joe gritted through his teeth.

The demon stretched his hand, stabbing through the surface of the mirror and entering this world. His cruel claws shone in the candle light. The smell of rot and decay followed quickly after, threatening to make Joe throw up. Joe checked the summoning area to ensure the barrier was still intact, and it was; New waves of courage entered him.

“He will try to intimidate you and scare you, but as long as the barriers are intact he will not be able to touch or harm you. Adhere to the guidelines for your safety. Believe nothing he says, he exists only to lie!”

He would be fine. The barriers were all intact. The red candles still lit, the salt marks still un-jointed.

“I have summoned you, and you will obey my commands. Remain within the summoning area. I command you!”

“Really?” Asked the beast mockingly, chuckles emerged as he pulled himself slowly through the mirror and into reality.

“Remain within the summoning area. Speak your name, I order you.” Joe forced his last bolt of courage into his voice but it made the demon laugh all the louder. Now standing at his full height, the beast looked down on the pale figure before him.

“You can call me Joe.” Joe froze as he heard his own voice through the air. His mouth fell as his eyes widened.

“You have meddled with something you do not understand.” The voice again deep and roaring, but now mimicked disappointment.

“B-But I never told you my name.” Joe stammered, his fear blurred his senses.

A roar of laughter filled the air. “You think I need you to tell me your name?”

Casually, the demon stretched, muscles and joints popped and cracked like it had been centuries since he last moved them. Joe began shifting backward, and scampering in fear. The candles slowly snuffed themselves out.

“But,” Joe gasped as his hand scrambled for anything that would aid him in survival, “But I followed all the instructions!”

The creature paused to survey the assembled items; The chalk square, the candle arrangement, salt and mirror he just stepped out from.

“You certainly did.” His arm slot forward and took a trembling Joe off the ground, slowly raised him till he met his eye level.

“Who do you think wrote the ritual in the first place?”

Blessed Abraham is a budding writer, an Electrical Engineering student from Akwa Ibom state. Loves movies and having intriguing conversations. You could reach him and read more of his short stories on his Facebook wall: