The World Lies

By Samuel Oladele

They said, our hearts will always be an empty auditorium,
a void planet lost in endless darkness.
They said, our minds will always be a burning house,
a wounded confused soldier running in the wilderness.
They said, our hearts and heads will always be
Iran and Iraq, two brothers scuffling.
They said, our eyes will always be defected lights
bulbs left with little to behold.
They said, our faces will always be a stain on the
world, a dying lake.
They said, our bodies will always be a hut in the
middle of estate houses, a dirt the world dumped.
My grandmother has always told me that the
world will call the sun a graveyard because he
is a scientist who never admits to be fallible.
The outgoing doctor, my neighbour, says
lab coats are light blue.
The world is a colour blind doctor, too perfect
to get lens for its eyes.
I am a planet with two suns and an atmosphere
too strong to worry over a body of plausible words.


Samuel Oladele is from Ondo state. He is a student studying Applied Chemistry at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He loves to write and to read.