She Smiles

Ok, this is awkward…

I used to love our vibe and how we would connect so intimate, relate the physical approaches to a spiritual resonance,

Take a deep breath like underwater sentiments, I would swim deep too kissing your secondary lips with a tongues technique,

Tasting your Pureness with a touch of pure intent,

We had a spark that would ignite fires A dance choreographed only beneath bed covers,

Under the skies as the angels blushed,

Stars aligned to showcase our chosen path,

A forbidden art from ancient of times, we practiced love in one act,

Defining unity without a sense of seperatedness… No glove!

It’s true, I, once a fool never knew the true meaning of such moments,

Carried past the waves of emotions,

Thinking the heart had spoken ignoring the minds wisdom,

Fingertips, skin soft as I caressed it,

Our lips locked and we broke the chains of societal settings,

Lost in you, a goddess, I king placed my lips on your canvas,

Painting classics as my paint brush delivers poetic strokes… Magic… So creative.

A masterpiece in the making as I created,

A composition of genius as you delivered, note by note, entrancing, captivating, beyond the physical senses I found us elevating into a meditation,

At times I step back and retrace the footing of where I used to step at and find we moved in unison and I could never recapture that,

It’s silly now it seems, it’s obvious as life’s spontaneous like movements never choreographed,

I, lost amidst my memories and constructs, from heartbreaks that reveal my hidden monsters,

They revealed the missing dance steps, and my sweet ballet ended so tragic…

Common as sense is, #Love was challenged and you chose to surrender your senses to ideals not direct,

Alone I try to recall the melodies, I try to analyse the prospects… Only to end at nothingness…

The future seems hopeless, faith constructs lost and I too felt lifeless,

Weakened by own heart, left seeking that I cannot find, without reason yet with a great mind… I felt lifeless

…. But then, I saw an image, a memory of what was as a lost thought was caught in transit,

I once fell in love with a goddess and at one time she smiled at our madness,

Just Once:- she one time smiled at our madness… And that, that is all my dying heart needed-

She smiled… Then we lost it… So tragic.

By Samson Mandhla Moyo, a Student at the University of Livingstonia, Malawi. Check out his blog for more exciting reads