Of a Better Tune

By Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

When storms gather
The sky cries
Yet you feign def
To the crackles in your inn

When the wind blows
The still waters seize
And turn in tunic wave
How come your skin
Cannot feel the hit

If millipedes cannot see
The hurdles in its path
He surely can sense
To know of another way

But you, you
You continue in your stray

Listen to the whispers of
Of your squealing roof
Hear the rumbling of your reefs
And learn of a better tune


http://masialapalma.com/all-portfolio-list/suite-vistas-panoramicas/suite-farigola-5/ Dominic Ayegba Okoliko– A creative writer, a humanitarian worker and an entrepreneur with an appetite for stories, impacts and passions. Shares his arts on Words Rhythm and RhymeAfreecan Read, Medium, Pulse.ng, Poemhunters, myNews24.com, and workspayce.