Life’s True Love


by Larry Onokpite

The place
The time
The approach; or
The rationale

Question of importance
Thought of beauty
Reason of hygiene
Power for life

Life! Dear life!
That solemn strife,
Forceful in its dive,
Asking no consent.

Life is deceitful,
Maybe we deceive it,
Or understand it to deceive,
We could just deny it deceives

Life bears poverty of encompassing
A wretch of individualism
A predestined enemy of singleness
Life is divisive and multiple

Life sneaks if understood wholly
No friend of the severe
Not to be understood in definite
Life betrays completeness

Happiness is on the left
Joy sways right
Peace resides above
Love settles below

Congregate the pieces
No bad in brokenness
Brokenness produces shapes
Shapes are beautiful

Shapes agile the imagination
Breathes life and curiosity to the soul
The body is in shapes
Descriptions empty without shapes

Life is never found in one piece
That’s the design
You are a sojourner
Get on your way.

Life consecrates you
Be aware of its blessedness
Even when we expire
Different broken shapes are married

Roll; cast; built into one
Saying goodbye to a life done
Life is in pieces
Pieces! Pieces! Never in Ashes!

Larry Onokpite is from Delta State, Nigeria. He considers reading and writing as great forms of spirituality. Larry previously published A Collection of Mantras and Ululating on Afreecan Read.