If I Write You 

By Onuora Ilodibe

If I  write would you write back
Would you send me postcard
Bearing Buckingham Palace
Reliefs at Dartmoor or Yorkshire
The Landscape and drainage
Orchids culture and the people
Hospitable loving and friendly

If I write would you write back
I’ll tell you about my country’s
Relics dilapidated structures
Strewn and broken bridges
Deltaic creekside peasants
Men fishing for pollack

Shanties brim when it souse
Children swimming the banks
Mothers barking obscenities
Broiling fished over gridiron
Spillage endangered aquatics
Contaminated soil and water
Diseases famine and hunger

If I write would you write back
Would you render them succor
Displaced children in IDP camps
Dying of hunger pain and malnutrition
Diarrhea malaria scurvy contamination
Toll continually increasing by the day

I’ll tell you about the oppressed agitators
Pressing for birth of her own nation
Across the Niger calling for a referendum
With bomb feast sabotage vandalism
Clashes between farmers and herdsmen
I can’t tell how it started or when it will end

If I write you would you write me back
Would you call me or send me a postcard
Would you enjoin me in my predicament
I have looked up to you all these years
Would you abandon your progeny
As your protege all I know you thought me

If I write you would you write me back
I’ll tell you about our underage girls abducted
Forcefully converted and married away far north
Outlaws plunder murder threatening to islamize
Our great nation borne off sweat of hero’s past
Quakes and about to drift at religious seams

If I write you would you write me back
Would you see things from the perspective
Of proletariats who has nothing to win or gain
Would you come to aid our last resort has failed
To change our situation further deteriorates
Scared to death as we sleep with our eyes half open

Onuara Oludibe is poet, MC and a writer from Nigeria. He has a BSC in Geograph and Meteorology. He currently works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria. His love for poetry dates bac to his childhood days, and has written ample of poems which include Uwa Abiara and Long John