Fall to Pieces

By Samson Moyo

In silent tears I heard her heart breathe,
Heart beat to let her heart speak,
We drowned in the poetry of shadows,
Dark notes dancing as truth cords,
So truth notes what lies wrote,
A love note,
Love like what the world holds,
Bleeding dry to a death rest,

Innocent sheets that stain life,
Like Family trees rooted in these,

And so her heart bleeds,

To hide the noise like when silent sleeps,
Night dreams so she escapes for the time being,
To escape what is and could have been,
So she falls in deaths hug, she sleeps,

Soundly it seems though she bleeds, within,

Tastes comforts at a lies expense,
So she falls in deaths hug,
Deaths touch she interprets as Lifes charm,

Touch innocence before the iris wakes,
Before the nation knows and drown her hearts sounds,

And so her heart bleeds,

I hear her,

Feel her as I slip to grip hold her,
So I sleep to dream hold her,
And pray us past these years.

Samson Mandhla Moyo, a Student at the University of Livingstonia Malawi. Visit Samson’s blog for more. Also read Naked Parables by Moyo on Afreecan Read.