Behind The Scene

by Iliya Kambai Dennis

I often go down to the basement,
To listen to myself speak to me,
To cuddle my thoughts, to find answers to the lingering
Questions running through my empty mind,
Why do human beings embrace nyctopilia
But give less preference to lumière?

There, In the face of silence is evil.
Behind the reflection of the mirror
Lies a third scene only the
Eyes of the eagle can see.

I often lie on my ceiling to read
The writings on my bed, to see,
Reasons why they walk a million miles
To reach the castle of tabernacles,
To join their hands In prayer,
To cross their hands In worship.

But at the dusk of each day;
They throw their smiles to the dust
So to wear the heart of their soul
Then after dawn of each day,
They rinse the scarlet of the darkness
On their faces to wear the mask of goodness.

I often go to the woods with eyes closed
And mind opened.
To hear the owl sing In my dialect at night
“man is wicked”.
This truth she always sings is naked.

Does the slowness of a chameleon
Make it evil? Perhaps,
Its ability to exist In different colours.

I have seen their nature and read their
Footprints on the wall of revelation.

They are owls that fly by the day,
Angels of day light, devils of peaceful night.
They are vile In white garment,
Poisonous as the venom of a viper.

If these owls live unhaunted
And these vermin untamed,
There is a capsizing certainty of this ship
This shaky vehicle that conveys us all,
Whose paddles dwell In the hands
Of these owls.

Iliya Kambai Dennis hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria. He is a physics student at the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto,Nigeria. He loves writing, especially poetry. Several of his poems can be found on African Read.