by Larry Onokpite

I caught myself snoring
I cursed myself humming
Why didn’t I know this
I never snored since womb-kiss

I have answers
I hope you have questions
They say you never know you snore
Ugh! I caught myself

Just at the intersection
That holy unasked dot
That moment pleading extension
The kiss of sleep and consciousness

Power of the middle
Kingdom of virtues
Haven of growths
Sanctuary of shrill vista

Nothing too latent to be known
Slowly snoop, it will be revealed
Potentials are revealed
Skills are unveiled

The head of my grandpa
The grey hair dotting the black
I keep it black
By ‘blacking’ my black hands

Residual fruit of waste
Condemned excelling of finish
Glorified by-product of process
I never thought of it

I went to the charcoal
Lying silent and calm
Black does not depress
Black is full of power, silent and voice

Wastes imprison beauty
Light a light near your heart
With my tiny fingers filled with black
Grey hair disappeared; beauty refurbished

I caught myself snoring
I caught myself in wastes
I caught myself ululating
I caught myself with prospects.

Larry Onokpite is from Delta State, Nigeria. He considers reading and writing as great forms of spirituality. Larry previously published A Collection of Mantras, on Afreecan Read.

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